Arek Soltysik is self-taught photographer based in Myszkow, Poland. A lover of traditional photography.
From the beginning of his adventure with photography he was most interested in photographing people. As the time has passed documentary photography has increasingly begun to attract his attention.
Since 2014 he has worked out three projects: 'a long web of paper', 'remnants of hope' and 'generations'.
He was nominated in the plebiscite organized by Radiowy Dom Kultury (Trojka - Program 3 of Polish Radio) for the series 'a long web of paper' to the title of 'Kulturysta Roku 2015'.

2015   Trójka, Polskie Radio - Kulturysta Roku 2015, Poland (nominated)
2013   Bowens - 50th Birthday Competition, UK (1st place)

2017   generations - ZPAF Gallery / Krakow, Poland
2016   a long web of paper / remnants of hope - OPK Gaude Mater / Czestochowa, Poland

2016   magazyn {slow}, on-line photography magazine, Poland
2015   Planches Contact 04, photography magazine, France
2015   Black+White Photography issue 174, photography magazine, UK
2013   Litebook issue 2, photography magazine, UK
2011   Unlimited Grain 2011, book, Thiaps, The Netherlands
2011   PH magazine issue #10, on-line photography magazine, Canada